Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alba Acne Dote Astringent

Meet my newest toner on the block :

Alba Acnedote Astringent

I bought this toner mainly because of its high salicylic acid content which is 2%. I’ve tried anti-acne toners in the past but as far as I can recall, those have only 0.5% of salicylic acid.

So what prompted this purchase? I have a problem with blocked pores on my right cheek which become pimples during the time of the month. I think this is caused by my sleeping on my right side and my pores can’t “breathe” after being smothered with moisturizer then a pillow haha. I keep my pillowcases clean and my hair tied up when sleeping but still,  this side gets blocked pores, so my sleeping position is most probably the culprit. 

As you may all well know, blocked pores/ closed comedones are a force not to be reckoned with. You can’t pick on it otherwise it gets inflamed. No matter how hard you squeeze 'em nothing comes out! Only pricking can ooze out the yucky stuff but I’m avoiding it because if done improperly, there will be pock marks! The only remedy I have is exfoliation and hopefully the dead skin on top will flake away along with the gunk. But 0.5% salicylic content is not working for me. It might be is too low for the kind of exfoliation I need.

So how does one use this? I pour a little bit on a cotton ball (there’s no stopper on the mouth of the bottle, so accidental pouring may occur) and wipe on my problem areas.. It stings. A lot! After two weeks of on-off use, my facial skin is still not used to this. During the first week, I did not use this everyday out of fear that I might irritate or burn my skin much. Also, avoid applying on  sensitive areas like underye, eyelids, around the lips because it really burns. I face the aircon when using it to fan down the sting. It’s acid so it’s understandable. Do not put too much; I won’t recommend using this twice a day unless you have built your tolerance for acids. Also, do not apply after using a facial scrub or waxing or anything which can traumatize the skin. Remember this contains 2% salicylic acid. It’s not like Eskinol or other toners which we’ve grown accustomed to. It’s not a meek and mild product. I use a moisturizer after wards because it feels so drying. Currently, I use Shiseido Ibuki moisturizer at night. By the way, I didn’t experience any visible peeling with this.  The smell is not all pleasant and is quite strong, like a mixture of herbs and alcohol.

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But the results are worth the momentary flash of pain. The bumps have lessened both in size and quantity so this must be doing a great job in removing excess sebum from my pores. Just do not over apply in the hope of making the product work faster! If you have tried a lot but none is working, you might need a higher dose of salicylic acid. It doesn’t hurt that Alba is a brand of natural products. I got mine from Healthy Options. Not exactly cheap, but still affordable at 300 plus pesos as it contains 177ml.

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