Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Life Update

I have quite a lot on my plate now so I'm cutting back from social interactions. I’m afraid I might do something wrong or hurt someone given that I’m not so much myself these days. I’ve already managed to make a number of people close to me upset, unintentionally of course, so I must barricade or isolate myself first. But just to unload and share with you how I’ve been coping, here’s what I’m up to lately:

1.        Shopping – lots of foreign brands are on sale. This is the perfect time to buy from these brands without burning a hole in my pocket.


Can you imagine shopping giving me stress?

 Well it did! Haha it’s weird because when it rains it pours! 

I bought a bag online last week and when I received it, it was damaged. So I contacted the seller and she told me I am so meticulous and she refused to call it damage haha but hey, I viber-ed the pictures to a couple of my close friends and my sis. They were all in unison that the bag is indeed damaged. I’m negotiating for a full refund. Without telling the seller I’m a lawyer. I am praying I don’t have to lay out the lawyer card. I don’t like doing that since it gives the impression that all lawyers try to intimidate other people with cases and all. But if the seller doesn’t cooperate, I just might. Because it is unfair to pay full price for damaged goods. Besides, there was an express policy on the seller's page covering damage.

2.        Listening to gospel songs/ mass songs-  soothing music, words of encouragement and reassurance

A lot of people are into “freethinking” now but it really bugs me, how do they cope? Without a promise of a better day? It’s like “get up and suck it up life’s not fair”. Is that how they go through life’s problems? It’s a legit question. Since I believe in God, at least I can cry and whine and ask God, but if they don’t believe in God, to whom do they call? It's just difficult for me to swallow the thought that all we experience on earth are for naught.

3.        Go to an Adoration Chapel and visit the Blessed Sacrament
This is in connection with number 2. Since I live near a church with an Adoration chapel, I try to visit regularly and basically just unload all my thoughts, hopes, problems and dreams. Yes, I cry and pout and sulk. I just talk to Jesus. The Adoration chapel is very conducive for one-on-one serious talks like this. The room is semi-dark. No one bothers you, much less look at you since other people who visit there have their own problems. While I can do this at home within the confines of my bedroom, everyone in our home will be weirded out and worried. I don’t like them asking a lot of questions and I would like to keep my dignity intact during this phase, please.

4.        No ranting onsocial media- in connection with number 3. I am already an adult, at least by this world’s standards. Any ranting will come off as unprofessional and immature. As I’ve said, I would like to keep my dignity intact. LOL..\

5.        Eat good food- I just splurged on lunch today and spoiled myself with perfect ramen =)

6.        Look at vacation spots in Europe online- hoping one day I can visit all these beautiful places I’ve only seen in my dreams. And pictures.

By the way, I received an email from a reader named Paula Cindy V., regarding my post on Padre Pio. Thank you for the kind words ,Paula. I hope I can share more stories and testimonies here on my blog.

I'm feeling so much better already.

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