Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jason Restorative Biotin Shampoo

It's been ages since I've written here!!! :0 The entire holiday season just went by and now we're almost done with January 2016!

Actually, I cannot believe that I forgot my password for blogger! With social media accounts, online banking, email, work account, etc. it just got lost somewhere in my brain. I try to shuffle passwords every now and then and I also avoid using one password on all accounts for security reasons. I usually write the codes in a "safe database" so I won't forget, but maybe I had a little lapse.. It took a while and a bit of sleuthing skills to recover my account here. Whew!

As I have announced before, I AM on a makeup shopping "regulation". Not really an absolute ban but I think HARD now before purchasing makeup and try to let the impulse-buying mood pass before I dive in. I think I was quite successful last 2015 so what I'm posting today is NOT about makeup but hair care.

My hair texture is very FINE. I don't get split ends because the strands are so THIN, there's nothing to split down the middle. Really. But before you all think I am so lucky, I get frazzled ends in lieu of split ends. Not a pretty sight. Another disadvantage of fine hair is that it is THIN hair. so any kind of hair fall makes it look MORE obvious. It was then that I shifted to organic hair thickening shampoos.

I've been using JASON RESTORATIVE BIOTIN SHAMPOO for about 3 months now and am about to finish my first bottle.

I admit that I cheat every now and then and use commercial shampoos (like on weekends) because I crave for the smooth feeling of silicones on my hair. HAIR OIL doesn't cut it. Even if I use argan oil or whatever oil I have around, I still love the feeling of freshly commercial-shampoo shampooed hair haha. This does the job of cutting down the numbers of falling hair strands but doesn't make additional strands sprout on my scalp. I also tweaked the formula to make it more moisturizing because sulfate- free shampoos just feel dry. Instead of using conditioner, I added Human Heart Nature sunflower oil inside the bottle. VOILA! No more dry hair! Additionally, the texture of the shampoo takes some time getting used to--it is too watery. More often than not, I pour so much more than I need. It also does not lather that much, so I take more time massaging the shampoo from scalp to ends to ensure I get the strands covered and cleaned up.

Will I repurchase? YES. Because less falling hair is one thing I don't want to worry about. I am not sure what Biotin does when applied topically, like in this case, but I don't want to experiment and lose hair. I think it would stop falling hair (and be mindful of not combing or touching your hair so much), but it won't make you grow additional strands. 

Available at Healthy Options, 437ml for around P400php.