Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oryspa Rice Bran Meditation Balm

I know I said I'm forever loyal to GIGA's Massage Rub (best all around anti-pain remedy, which doubles as insect bite cure and mosquito repellent). However, during an out of town trip, I placed my trusty pocket sized GIGA Massage Rub in my luggage which was placed in the overhead bin so it was inaccessible. I was getting so dizzy because of the bumpy ride when my officemate took out her ORYSPA Meditation Balm and offered some to me. Needless to say, I was more than grateful to dip my fingers in the pot (I would usually squirm as it is unhygienic haha) and massaged some on my temples, and rubbed off whatever's left of it under my nostrils and back of my neck. I felt so much better afterwards.

I bought my own little pot since then and road tested it. Here's my feedback:

It is not as oily as GIGA Massage Rub. You know how Vick's feels? GIGA's texture is like that. With ORYSPA however, the texture is that of a hard balm, so when you rub your fingers on it, you don't get a lot (unless you scrape on it). If you are afraid to look like an oil mine, USE THIS.

Rice bran oil, pili oil, beeswax, rice bran wax, menthol, pepermint, orange oil, bergamot

The scent reminds me of Halls Lemon. Citrusy with a hint of cool menthol. I love love menthol liniments and rubs but I'm wary of applying something strong smelling in public places, lest I offend other people who do not like the smell. ORYSPA is your best bet in this case because the scent is mild and innocuous. Most likely, you are the only person who can smell it. 


GIGA is still the best for immediate pain relief. I love its scent because it is strong but not amoy "matanda", and the coolness factor from the ointment is out of this world. The texture is really really oily but I cannot be bothered with it because it works! GIGA is much more expensive too at 115php for 10grams and 400++php for 60g. If GIGA is too much to handle for you, ORYSPA is a good alternative. I will still use it for minor aches and pains, or something to sniff when I need to revive myself, or if I want something less oily and obtrusive. 

I bought my ORSYPA Meditation Balm from the ORYSPA booth at Robinson's Place, Manila.
15g at 95php
50g at 265php

Made in the Philippines