Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Feast Day of St. Padre Pio

Today is the Feast day of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.

I would love love love to go to the St. Pio Centre in Libis right now. but I'm stuck at work. #employeeproblems

I can catch the mass later in our parish after work but I want to spend the day with the devotees in St. Pio Centre, thanking God for giving us St. Pio. I would love to hear from other devotees; I like listening to people speaking of their everyday miracles; So if you are reading this and have a story to tell, please do so in the comment section. Maybe I won't feel so bad being stuck behind a computer right at this very moment.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Zen Rose

Thank God it's Thursday!

I'm not ashamed to admit that I love Fridays and weekends. I don't like to wake up early in the morning, only to be bombarded by traffic, noise and pollution as soon as the sunshine hits my face.

I painted my nails last night! Woohoo! Big deal. haha

After painting my nails, I realized I love their new candy fuschia color and  suddenly had the urge to make terno my lipstick for today. but alas! I don't have any candy fuschia colored lipstick!!! I was already thinking that I should break my no-makeup-buying-fast and get myself a hot pink lipstick. But my mom was like, "YOU ALREADY HAVE A FUSCHIA LIPSTICK!!!" yeah, that's our topic while I was having my breakfast earlier this morning haha. She went to the room and came out with this:

Image courtesy of: http://www.temptalia.com/mac-zen-rose-sheen-supreme-lipstick-review-photos-swatches

This lipstick was bought two years ago in HK. (or was it three?) haha as long as it doesn't smell, look or feel differently, okay lang. I discard makeup based on my instinct. So please don't judge me!

I don't use this lipstick a lot because it is too glossy. I've outgrown that stage in my life when I wanted everything to be shining, shimmering and splendid. While this is not exactly my cup of tea, this is perfect for those who love lip gloss! Consider this as a lip gloss stick. Not as sticky but very shiny. A word of caution though: the lipstick melts! Seriously, it is so soft and creamy, that it looks like it's melting all the time.

Sorry for the smudges haha! I had a hard time maneuvering this lipstick while applying since its flat top form is not exactly geared towards precise corners application.

Zen Rose is a fun color but not too loud or in-your-face.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss Review

No, I haven't given in to the temptation of buying make up YET.

I purchased these last May when I felt really frustrated with creamy lipsticks. There were times when I was talking to someone, only to realize later that I have lipstick smears on my chin! Hello, how did that even happen?! I think my lipstick melted on my lips and traveled all the way. So I hunted for matte lipsticks. It doesn't hurt that liquid to matte lipsticks are very on trend these days too.

Why did I choose LA Girl? Because of all the positive reviews on You Tube! Haha.

The gurus were saying all the good things about this brand and of course, it was so affordable. From what I gathered, these are: unscented, not as drying as other liquid to matte lipsticks, cheaper but still long lasting. 

I ordered two colors: Fantasy and Bazaar

Since these were available online only, I took a gamble and ordered based on what I saw on videos and pictures. I imagined Fantasy to be a pastel baby peach color and Bazaar to be a natural looking red. The applicator is also doe-foot which makes for a precise application.