Monday, August 31, 2015

On Saving, Makeup Shopping Bans and Trade-Offs

My shopping basket has been makeup free for the past two months! 


It certainly is not easy. With the proliferation of Instagram, Facebook and online shops flaunting the latest makeup must haves, I feel the hunger pangs quite strongly. Sometimes, I'm tempted to have just little makeup purchases here and there to quench my thirst without the guilt. But so far, I'm surviving and haven't given myself up to temptation, as you can see through my lack of posts. 

I have managed to convince myself (and still try to do so everyday), that the so called little purchases can't make up for the real thing. For example, what I really want right now is Estee Lauder's  Matte Sculpting Lipsticks. I've ogled swatches and skimmed through reviews for weeks on end. And yet, I'm stopping myself from buying them because I have tons of other high end brand lipsticks which I promised to finish. Everytime I fork over a chunk of my money for makeup, I make myself promise to use it til the last atom haha. (just to justify that it will never go to waste). I realized that with each additional purchase, I make it more difficult for me to make my end of the bargain. Furthermore, when I add up the total cost of these "little" purchases, I am appalled that they do cost more than the "real" thing while my lemmings are left unsatisfied.

Can you see how preeeetty these Estee lauder lipsticks are??? Okay, it's not helping me!! Not at all!

So how do I reward myself? how do I make myself feel undeprived of all these worldly stuff? haha. Of course, there's a trade off. If you make a sacrifice (that's how it feels like to me, penitensya), you expect something good or better will come out of it.

I made this collage earlier this year to motivate myself, and I pray pray pray that one day I will be able to visit all these beautiful places. They say that the ultimate secret is visualizing your dream. So I'm sharing my dream destinations with all of you. Maybe the dream could be fast-tracked to reality haha.

Bongga, not buying makeup to save for a trip to Europe?! haha maybe a bit far fetched but I use this so I can hang on for as long as I can. Every peso  centavo counts!

A bit more affordable (still not cheap) is Japan. I know. Japan is like the new Hong Kong for a lot of Filipinos. Ginagawa nilang weekender. Almost everyone has been to Japan except me haha. I will work and save for this too. And maybe have a makeup-all-you can-buffet while there to make up for lost opportunities. Haha joke! I've been wanting to visit Japan since Memoirs of a Geisha days. (yep, i loved the book! i was still in college that time when it first came out)

Japan images courtesy of -!/custom-trip/

One day, some day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry


It's already the month of August and this fact gets me pretty excited. Although we don't have the Fall season here in the Philippines, I celebrate the season! I love Fall fashion: the earthy colors, deep makeup hues and intense jewel tones. All these scream sophistication and elegance to me.

When it comes to makeup, I don't go for dark goth looks though. I like something serious looking without being old and outdated, just like the  shade SULTRY from Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm.