Monday, June 11, 2012

Loyalty List

Wow, i've missed blogging. Actually, I do love writing, i just don't like taking photos, really. For others, it's THE fun part. But for me, it's such a chore, taking hundreds of pictures, with only a few shots that come out okay.. editing the background then water marking, then uploading. my goodness.

I just want to write and see where it takes me.

For tonight's post, I have a confession to make.


--to beauty brands that is. With so many temptations out in the market, how can you just stick to one, right? no matter how well a product performs, I just have to take a look, touch and feel another. I know you girls understand how a beauty junkie feels.

But surprise! Another look at my dresser and bathroom and I realized I'm not all fickle-minded when it comes to some products.

I'm just giving you girls my LOYALTY LIST. Products that i've subconsciously reached for and re-purchased for YEARS because for me, these work so well that I cannot reach for another.

A Bonne Salt Scrub
- P60 from my trusted seller in 168 (stall selling authentic Thai products)

This is the best body scrub ever! For my elbows, legs, knees, back.. the smell is so divine and yes, it smells just like powdered milk. I lather soap first prior to scrubbing to minimize friction since the granules, if rubbed too vigorously may result to redness. Just do not rub so hard. Leaves your skin baby smooth and soft.

Likas Papaya Soap- about P80 in SM Watson's, Supermarkets
The Uncontested, The Number One, The Precedent Setting for All Papaya Soaps..

I love this soap because I feel that it unclogs my pores and really leaves my skin squeaky clean. I commute everyday (hello four jeepneys a day, anyone?) so I can feel the dust, sweat and pollution literally all over my body. It may be drying on my skin on some months especially during BER months, but I just alternate with a moisturizing body wash and finish off with lotion.

How about whitening benefits? I can't attest to that because as I've mentioned, I'm a commuter and I'm out under the sun EVERY SINGLE DAY. I slather on sunblock and use an umbrella but I can't help it, the unexposed areas of my skin are just really whiter. I guess no amount of sunblock can protect my skin from darkening unless I just stay indoors everyday.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub- P180 Watson's
The granules are big. It's abrasive. These are the reasons why I love it.
For some, this is the problem, but for me, these walnut shell beads are the best! The trick is how you rub it on your skin. Some just get too excited rubbing it all over the face. Remember, scrub sitting alone on your face won't do anything: it won't result to scratches, redness, irritation UNLESS you rub it. And never rub vigorously, only in slow, circular strokes. The result is naturally fresh skin minus the dead sticky cells. you can feel it after ONE wash! I use this at least once a week only and always on wet (not damp) skin. Remember, no vigorous rubbing for you, stop your hands from hurrying so much and causing trouble.

Lewis and Pearl Cologne in Dew Drops - P60 for 125ml
The Dew Drops variant smells a lot like my HG fragrance, D&G Light Blue,  without the hefty price tag. This one I literally splash all over myself without being mindful of the cost. My problem with D&G is that the fragrance never stays put. It's so light that on me, the scent just evaporates! So I'm loving this version because you can douse yourself with the same scent at the cheapest price.

Pond's Cold Cream
I have another confession to make, something that would make every beauty addict cringe: There are nights when I skip washing my face! Yes, after commuting and I don't wash my face! Here's the secret: Pond's Cold Cream.

 I first saw my mom use this when I was younger (ngayon young na lang hehe) but didn't really take note of it. Until my cousin told me she's so desperate looking for Pond's Cold Cream here in the Philippines. I was like "Isn't that phased out already?" But no, Pond's just doesn't advertise it as much as their other products. Also, this cold cream is so difficult to spot in most health and beauty stores. Pond's claims that it is because this product literally flies off the shelves! That's how much of a best seller this is.

I've tried using it a few times without rinsing afterwards. Just tissue off when I get so tired reading my assignments. Once or twice, I used toner afterwards, just to see if I can see traces of makeup. But no, just clean cotton balls! haha beats some facial cleansers pa. I'm annoyed when after washing my face thoroughly and see trace of face powder on cotton balls after using my toner. Did it cause pimples? No. But I advise you readers to still rinse off just to err on the side of caution. It takes away waterproof makeup and leaves my skin moist (never oily) as long as you tissue off.

I'm getting tired already, I'll write more some other time. Goodnight everyone!

FS:MAC Dazzleglass in 'Like Venus'

Get ready to DAZZLE for less...

For Sale!



This picture is for reference only, the entire set is not for sale
From M.A.C : Lipcolour that dazzles with light and shine to bring an exciting dimensional pop to your lips. Large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystal. Provides exceptional shine with a crystalline iridescence. Non-sticky, non-tacky, lightweight and moisturizing. Glides on. Wear alone, or layer over lipstick or Lipglass for dramatic effect. Features our signature M·A·C vanilla aroma.

Described on M.A.C's website as 'Bubblegum pink with red pearl' only P480!

If this is really from M.A.C, why is the price so inexpensive?
*My sis bought this from the U.S where M.A.C cosmetics are so much reasonably priced than here in the Phils.
* This was also purchased as part of M.A.C's gift sets where the Lip Glasses are sold in sets of four (see first picture above) . I decided to sell only one of them and divided the total cost by 4. I'm selling it at PURCHASE PRICE, that's why my selling price is significantly lower. =)

Add 50php shipping fee for buyers located in Metro Manila, no meetups.

Like Venus, second from top

Note: The product is not "bawas" some of you may wonder why the lip gloss does not fill up the entire tube up to its rim, i've read in some blogs that the contents of Dazzleglass is a bit lesser than a typical MAC Lip glass (p
Add 50php shipping fee for buyers located in Metro Manila, no meetups.