Monday, December 27, 2010

Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel

I'm back to the bloggers' world after a while. I guess I'm just to lazy too take pictures, find a decent one, then watermark then post.. you know what I mean. Ok enough about the rigors of blogging hehe.

You may have seen my previous posts regarding my problematic right cheek, where pimples just won't stop appearing! whenever one is about to heal, a new one emerges, bigger, redder and stronger! Thank God for concealers because not even the most potent whitening soap can remove the marks since the pimples won't give my skin enough time to heal.

I've used just about all pimple removing products out there. Cyleina tomato soap. Check. Pond's Antibacterial Scrub. Check. St. Ives Apricot Scrub (the one for pimples. Check. Garnier Pure A             moisturizer, mask, spot gel. Check. Panoxyl. Check. Cetaphil. Check. Eskinol facial wash, derma clear facial cleanser, spot gel. Check.. The list won't stop. it's so frustrating!

My friend recommended Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Gel like for the past year or so. She claims this truly works in busting out pimples. But this product is so hard to find. I see Clean &Clear Facial wash, toner, moisturizer and even the whole set but NOT this spot gel alone.

Luckily, I spotted this last week at the SM MOA Department Store (not the separate Watson's stores). I immediately grabbed one even though I'm using panoxyl right now.
This product claims to zap zits within 4 hours. I think like other problematic girls, I fell for that line. Hehehe.

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Price: P139.75 at SM MOA Department Store

Product Description: Reduces pimple symptoms fast. The fast acting micro-gel formula starts to clear pimples 4 hours after application. The breakthrough salicylic acid and botanical formula works to reduce the symptoms of acne fast.
Reduces redness and size: 4 hours after application
Reduces swelling- 8 hours after application

The product at first appears as a translucent white gel that becomes clear when it dries. There's a mild tingling sensation upon application and you may experience some itchiness.

What I like:
-well, it works but not as fast as it claims. Pretty much an ordinary pimple gel.

What I don't like:
- i can get its cheaper version: Eskinol Pimple gel which has the same texture.
- i can't apply this over or under makeup, without the pimple looking too obvious, since the gel can make the bump appear bigger as it sort of coats the bump with a micro film of salicylic acid, and you can rub/ peel the gel off.
- the redness did not subside

Overall, it works. But maybe I had extraordinary expectations based on its description. My HG Spot gel s not yet found. The quest continues...

EDIT: I'm really liking this now. After a week of usage, the pimples are healing up nicely. I guess I expected them to dry up and peel off. But this stuff works slowly without drying them, just made them shrink slowly. In the one week that I've used it, I can say this worked far better than Panoxyl gel which I used for three weeks. My spots look visibly lighter now without me going through the whole flaky process. Also, I realized that I can in fact use this under makeup, just apply it and rub it in slowly, the gel gets absorbed and does not peel off when dry.