Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ellana Concealer in Awake

     I've been quite vocal about my love for Ellana's Concealer in Awake.

     Take a look at these pictures and you'll see why I love it to bits.

            After 1 year and 3months, here's my 2.5g sifter jar of concealer in Awake. My P190 is so sulit!

     Here's my washed face just before I go to sleep at night. Like I've mentioned in my previous posts, I'm having a pimple attack. But the eruptions are pretty much confined to the right side of my face. It's because I sleep on my right side and no matter how much I try to sleep without my face  hitting the pillow, I still find myself waking up in the morning on my right side. I tie my hair but it's no use. I don't know how it even started! I've been sleeping on my right side for as long as I can remember but these pimples appeared only when I reached my 20's.

           Here's my face after a little makeup. I used the following:

-Skinfood's Salmon Dark Circle concealer under my eyes
-Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in red for my cheeks and 
-Ellana Concealer in Awake for my spots. 
-No foundation/BB cream/face powder for this picture. My skin appears more sunkissed than my nighttime picture because I took this one near a window during lunch time.

           You can actually see where I applied the concealer because they appear so much lighter than the rest of my face. The reason is that I used a wet brush to apply Ellana's concealer and haven't blended it out yet. After blending and face powder, it looks more natural. Can you see the big difference?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cyber Safety --PLS READ!

Hi girls! Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I made my last post. I got so busy with school and spent every free time sleeping, reading blogs and making changes to my facebook account. I got so many things to tell you so first things first.

I want to warn you all, so read very very carefully.
I know everyone here is taking measures to protect his/her facebook/blogger/friendster/twitter/multiply account. Maybe all your settings were geared towards privacy by changing the default "Viewed by Everyone" settings to "Friends Only", or maybe you swore to keep your passwords to yourself, refrain from adding anonymous/unknown/suspicious people to your friends list or maybe you don't check your accounts using public computers to avoid being hacked.

I did just the same. In fact, I reject a lot of invitations from other people. I don't add anyone that I do not know to my facebook account. I don't want to be just their "pamparami ng friends" (addition to your friends list to show everyone you've got quite a number of friends) My principle is "do not add me if you don't know me just because you think I can be an addition to your growing number of friends, which you are doing so that other people will be impressed when they see you have a multitude of people as friends, when in fact we don't know each other." But still, to my dismay, my facebook account was compromised. Here's how it happened:

Two weeks ago, I checked my facebook account using our own computer. I saw an invite from my good friend C. It was her second facebook account. I checked the profile and saw that it was overflowing with her pictures, taken with friends and family. It looked legitimately hers so I confirmed the invite. Just last week however, I received a text message from my cousin, where she asked me if I made a second facebook account. I said no. She told me that another "Chas" with my pictures, with my albums uploaded, was inviting her to be her facebook friend. I immediately searched facebook and VOILA! there's indeed a second "Chas" with more than a hundred friends. The impostor was even adding MY real account's friends. I quickly posted a shoutout telling people to reject the second Chas' invite and delete that from their list asap. I was so worried not just because there's someone else posing as CHAS. My real concern is that the poser might try to contact my friends using the online chat/message to "borrow" money as me, or try to elucidate information from my friends, or meet them in secret posing as me to kidnap/harrass/commit other criminal acts against them.

Hey I don't want to exaggerate but imagine this. If your friend suddenly goes online and asked for your help, there's a chance you might help her right? No matter how small. If she chats with 50 of her online friends, at least 1 would respond to her call, right? Our being cyber-savvy is now being used by criminals against us!

I reported the poser Chas' page to Facebook and to my relief, the fake Chas' page has been removed from Facebook 24 hours later. I kept on thinking how someone could have access to my pictures, since my profile can only be viewed by my friends, who are not psychos to make a fake profile page. That got me thinking, bringing me back to adding my friend C's invite. I sent her a message in YM. She was so surprised to learn that she had a 2nd facebook account which invited me because she made NO SECOND ACCOUNT! See how the culprit works?! My friend C has a fake facebook page, WHICH ADDED ME and that paved the way for the culprit to view my profile and copy my pictures, so now he can pose as C and Chas to all our friends!!

The bad guy knows no one would add him if he used his real identity so he started making fake profiles of YOUR FRIENDS so you won't suspect a thing and confirm his invite. That way, even if you set your page to "Viewed by friends Only" He can see your page! HE BECAME YOUR FRIEND ALREADY AND HE CAN SEE YOUR POSTS, PICTURES, EVERYTHING!!! He makes you feel safe because you think only your friends can see your posts and pics, but NO, you can't be too safe because you already added this person to your CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. 

It has been shown in the Tyra Banks' Show that a lot of psycho people can trace where we are/ where we live/ hang out / office by just checking our status, shoutouts, pictures and careless posts EVEN IF you don't post your HOME address or phone number. Tyra even made an experiment where they actually got to trace a myspace user's whereabouts through her myspace page. She was so surprised because she firmly believed that she's safe from cyber psychos since she doesn't post her personal infos. I'm telling you guys, if the poser is criminal minded, he can think of creative, varieties just to lure victims such as posing as your friend.

So bloggers, do not just add the 2nd accounts of your friends to your friends list. Verify first if they indeed made a second facebook profile because you won't want to be his victim or if not, your friend who unsuspectingly confirms an invitation from "you"...