Thursday, June 24, 2010

I want a loot from Ellana!!

I've recently organized my makeup drawers and voila! Came out a lot of makeup products I've already forgotten about. I sold some of my prized possessions in Girltalk, eventhough I want to keep them for myself. It's so hard to sell my precious items at a portion of the purchase price. Well, if I can't finish them, might as well let them find new homes before they expire. Now, that's even worse!

After sorting through the drawers, makeup pouches and boxes...I now have more makeup space! Here comes an itch to fill them up again. Right now, I am dying to go back to MMU! Ellana is real love for me. I used up the trial sized foundation I bought a year ago and loved it to bits. I am about to hit the pan (pot might be the more appropriate term) for Awake concealer. You must try it. It's perfect for my underyes (blend it well or you'll get reversed-raccoon eyes which happened to my sister!!) and for the spots I am concealing. I also use it as a foundation and brush it all over my face. For the blush, I have a long way to go before I can finish my 2.5g pot in Fulfillment, since it's very pigmented and I have no sense of loyalty when it comes to blushes. I rarely use this because I'm more of a cheek tint girl.

Right now, I want to try Ellana lip tint in Lovestruck. This retails for only P150

I also want to buy another jar of Awake concealer. I am just a bit skeptical about it right now beacuse I've read reviews that Ellana changed their formulation. I'll have to go to SM Makati and see for myself! I hope they did not change the formulation. I love my Awake concealer. It is perfect as is!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peaches and Cream

I love love love peach blushes! When I use them, I don't have rosy cheeks but I look healthy and radiant. It's perfect for a no-makeup look especially when I'm going to school. They make me look glow-y and happy even when in reality I am so haggard. I think they are perfect for summer as well, the "bronzer" for the fair skinned because the shade won't look muddy at all.

Here's my small collection:

1. Ellana mineral blush in fulfillment 

2. In2it gel blush in peach blush 
3. Body Shop Shimmerwaves in peach

4. 4U2 Chic Couple 2 Color Silky Blush No.06

5. Maybelline Mineral Power Naturally Luminous Blush in True Peach

6. Skinfood Chic Choc Cream Blush

7. Skinfood Chic Color Pan

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Body Shop- Delipscious Lip Balm

Okay. This is NOT a product review. But this caught my eye while I was browsing through The Body Shop website. I am on the hunt for tinted lip balm as lipsticks have lost their touch on me. I have seen Healthy Options', organic lip balms, mineral lip tints and to name a few. Honestly nothing caught my fancy. Something always turns out to be wrong, the scent, the color or the glide can put me off. Not even Burts Bees' tinted lip balms (which by the way, made my lips peel even worse!) reached my standard! I have my trusty old Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm which gives a lovely light red sheen, however, I want something organic.

The Body Shop's Delipscious Lip Balm is pure eye candy. The packaging is luxe and each lip balm costs $10, I don't know if this is already available in the Philippines. The line has four flavors to choose from: Peach Crush, Watermelon Crush, Berry Crush and Papaya Crush

From the website :

New! Best if you want to: Hydrate your lips and add a hint of color with a moisturizing lip balm with a fruity flavor made from food-grade ingredients, including natural watermelon and raspberry seed oils.
Best for: all skin tones How it works:
  • Organic, virgin, cold-pressed Community Trade coconut oil moisturizes and softens skin, while helping to replenish moisture levels.
  • Community Trade organic beeswax from Zambia helps moisturize and condition lips.
  • Community Trade cocoa butter, an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

If you have seen these lip balms here in the Philippines, please tell me! I want to see them soon!

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