Friday, April 30, 2010

Etude House Aqua Sherbet Lotion Review

I got some items from Etude House last year and early this summer, but sorry I forgot the exact prices and can't even find the receipt!

Here are the products:
Aqua Sherbet lotion
Blackhead Gommage
Fresh Cherry Tint
Retractable Lip Liner
Secret Beam Highlighter in Pink Mix

I'm doing a review on the Aqua Sherbet Lotion first since I'm much more into skin care this summer after my skin was ravaged by pimples first by my stressful final exams followed by this unbearable heat. This is a facial moisturizer which promises to cool down your skin and make it feel refreshed. It costs P300+ available from Etude House.

From the website:
Concept: Alaskan glacial water meets grapefruit
Description: Absorbs quickly into skin with a light and smooth sensation

Aqua sherbet contains mineral rich glacial water from Alaska and vitamin rich grapefruit water to supply skin cooling complexion care. Lotion replenishes and restores moisture balance to complexion.

Active ingredient:
Alaskan glacial water and grapefruit water

Directions: Following serum application, use hands to apply lotion to all areas of face and neck.

I only bought the lotion from the Aqua Sherbet line (The line provides for  a toner and other products too and apply it after using my Pond's  toner.

I like:
- lightweight non-greasy feel is perfect for oily skin
- leaves skin smooth and soft, well hydrated 
- light fresh, fruity scent (label says it has grapefruit)
- has cooling effect, ideal for this scorching heat
- 150ml, the bottle is big, will probably last for a long time
- texture is watery but I think it's just right because it feels like applying water on your skin

SA's recommend to use this after a day out in the sun to cool the skin and minimize redness due to sun exposure.

I don't like:
-the packaging, although it is attractive, the round glass bottle is so heavy and not practical to bring along with you during trips
- the opening on the bottle is quite big, prone to spillage and you have to be careful in pouring out the content so that only a little amount will come out

- some people with sensitive nose might have a problem with its fragrance

Overall, I love this product! This is an HG product for the summer especially if you are oily-skinned!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Makeup Kitten's Giveaway!

Congratulations to Makeup Kitten for having past 200 followers!!!
She's having a giveaway contest for all her followers;

Giveaway prices:

♥ Urban Decay Hall of Fame:

XL Eyeshadow Primer Potion
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (black)
Pocket Rocket Lipgloss in Timothy
Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara (black)
Lipstick in Midnight Cowboy (sheer beige shimmer)

♥ GOSH On Stage Cool Lip Jam in 107

♥ Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking Pink

♥ Miss Selfridge gold w/pearl bow necklace

♥ Miss Selfridge white butterfly ring

♥ H & M Helly Kitty makeup bag

♥ Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream

Isn't this just cool? Visit her blog for details:

Contest ends on May 2, 2010.

The Pink Hearted Princess: 100 followers Giveaway

The Pink Hearted Princess: 100 followers Giveaway!

The winner will receive:
  • TheBalm's Hot Mama Blush
  • TheBalm's Shady Lady Eyeshadow/liner in Sexy Stacey
  • MAC Glitz Gloss in "After Party" (LE MAC)
  • Darkness Kma8 lashes (my personal favorite falsies!)
  • Kings & Queens Honey Body Butter
  • Sinful Colors Professional nail color in "Social Ladder"
  • Super Kawaii Deco-Den stickers
  • A lovely eye/face mask assortment (1 Silk Whitia Collagen moisturizing and nourishing eyemask, 1 Silk Whitia Deeply moisturizing face mask, 1 Kuan Yuan Lian moisture mask, 1 Kuan Yuan Lian whitening mask, 1 My Beauty Diary Black Pearl face mask, 1 Catena anti-wrinkle collagen eye mask)

Click here to view her blog for more details:

Contest ends on May 31, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Korean Beauty Products Are Love-- Giveaway from Lizz

Drop by Lizz Buenaventura's blog and see what this is all about. Korean Beauty Products can be yours for free!
The prize includes:
Etude House nail polish in my favourite pink shade; Etude House Total Age Repair Toner, Emulsion and Essence (travel sized); Innis Free Green Tea Pure Essence and Serum (2 vials each), Innis Free Green Tea Cream and Cleansing Foam (1 trial pack each), SkinFood Wipes, a gorgeous Nature Republic 2010 calendar (it's got Rain on every page!), an Etude House fan, Tony Moly BB Cream (2 packs), Missha BB Cream remover (2 packs), and some lovely Sooyohan face cream (3 packs).

Wow this is just perfect!

As a bonus,she'll also be giving away 4 travel-sized bottles of Johnson & Johnson lotion, a full-sized bar of Glutamax soap, and Emotibles earphone charms.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's Summer Babe's GIANT GIVEAWAY!!

Look at all these goodies, they can be yours, join now!

1. CHANEL PARTICULIERE 505 nail polish from Spring 2010 collection (Do I need to tell you it is SOLD OUT everywhere? ;))

2. THE BODY SHOP Neroli Jasmin shower gel & body lotion (both 50ml)

3. MAYBELLINE Dream Sunglow Bronzing Booster


5. CIATE : One Coat a Day (base polish), Hang Over Cure (treatment for cuticles), Super Sexy Dry (drying drops)

6. CALVIN KLEIN Ultimate edge Gel Eyeliner in shade 301 Cocoa Sheen (with mini brush)

7. H&M BRACELET (pink coral color with gold, perfect for spring/summer)

8. CIATE Pink Nail File

9. JILL SANDER SUN EDT 100ml (without alcohol, perfect for summer)

10. NYX LIPSTICKS in 3 colours: Electra, Indian Pink, Circle

11. NAIL ART FIMO fruits (3x10)


13. MORGAN STREET Lip Balm Chocolate Cake

14. 5 SHE STYLEZONE Nailpolishes

15. OPI nailpolish LA- PAZ-ITIVELY HOT normal version + MATTE version

16. THE BODY SHOP RASPBERRY Body Butter 200ml

17. FRUCTIS Elastic Power Fix Hairspray


1. You have to be a FOLLOWER

2. Comment saying ˝ENTER ME˝ + BLOG ABOUT MY GIVEAWAY (you have to include my picture of the prize+ list of all the things I am giving ) - write me a link to your post in the comments
* you can also put it in a SIDE BAR


4. ENDS : 15. May 2010

I hope i win!!! My birthday is on May 15!!! =)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Avon Ideal Shade Dual Powder Foundation

Hi girls,
I'm back with another review for Avon Ideal Shade Dual Powder Foundation.

I bought this for P199 last February. It was on sale so I rushed to order this! I got this in Nude, which the brochure claims to be the lightest shade.

Product details:
-SPF 15
- 9g
- Regular price is P499
- It is available in 3 shades only: Pure Beige, Nude and Shell

I like:
- It has SPF 15, even though the SPF content is low, better to have some than none at all
- It has separate compartment for sponge.

Tip: I like keeping an oil blotting sheet inside the compartment on top of the sponge so I won't forgot to blot the oil first before re-applying the powder throughout the day. It works for me better that way.

I don't like:

- minimal coverage for a powder foundation. It works just like a pressed powder only
- limited selection of shade. I chose the lightest according to the brochure, it is still a shade or two darker than my skin tone.

Overall, I won't repurchase. I like In2it's powder foundation way better than this one! 

That's all for now! I've got assignments to do. God bless and thanks for reading =)

MBB is now on Blogspot!!

"Manila Beauty Blog is another brainchild from the head of the beauty addict, Lee Shen Embuscado Gee. She will be sharing this small space in the cyberworld with four of her closest blogger friends. This will be a culmination of ideas that beauty can bring to five friends. Here you will also find different materials of the latest products out in the market. We are hoping that will give manilabeautyblog the same loyalty as you with the rest of our blogs."
--From Manila Beauty Blog:

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Lady Danger's 150 Followers Giveaway

Congratz to Lady Danger for having 150 followers!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reseller for Natasha, Avon, Sophie Martin, Fuller Life, Ever Bilena, Careline

Welcome to my site!

I am so happy to announce that I am now an official reseller for the following:
Sophie Martin
Ever Bilena

Now, you can straightly buy all these products from one person instead of meeting up and texting different resellers for each brand. It's so convenient and so easy!
Just leave your names and contact details in the Comment box below for your orders and I'll be in touch with you.

Meetups: Minimum of P150
Tuesdays and Saturdays: SM Manila, Robinson's Place, UST, La Salle McDo

For shipping: it depends on the products that will be shipped, leave a message if you prefer shipping

No BOGUS BUYERS please. For those who will back out at the last minute or reserve products without intention of buying, I will post your names and numbers here and other fora where I will post my ad.


Happy Shopping! =)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shen's Addiction's 2nd Year Anniversary

Congratulations sis!
Keep up the good work in your blog.
For other bloggers, check out this blog:

I had always loved reading beauty blogs. I wonder why I started this late in the blogosphere!! Anyway, Better late than never. Join the her blog giveaway! =)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Face Shop- Span Moisture Fixing Base

Hi girls,
I'm back with another review. I've been looking at all the beauty products I've tried and hadn't reviewed. Whew! I do not know what I should blog about first.

Since makeup bases are quite a fad nowadays, I decided to do a review on The Face Shop Span Moisture Fixing base in green. Years ago, make up base meant foundation. Nowadays, it isn't just so. There are silicone based clear primers in liquid and powder form, colored makeup bases in different colors to be applied underneath foundation to prep skin and make the foundation last longer, appear better and smoother, BB creams and a whole lot more.

I was supposed to buy the clear Span, but my friend bought it in a wrong shade! She bought this one for me in green.

I opted not to sell this because I wanted to try a green make up base for the first time.

Description from :

Inspired by water drops this light-weight base makeup line is formulated with tropical fruits that prevents allergy and dryness.

A thick gel-like texture that spreads like water. Green color neutralizes redness. (Ideal for acne skin or easily-reddened skin)

Other product details:
- available at any The Face Shop Store 
- P595 or about $13 (USD)

I say...

-the scent smells so fresh and floral
- spreads easily
- moisturizes dry areas on my face, making cheek tints spread more easily and evenly

- the price! This costs P595 but works just like any ordinary moisturizer
- did not do anything to improve the way my skin or makeup looks
- the green did not neutralize redness, the base completely disappeared on my skin!

Overall, I won't repurchase. It's like an overpriced moisturizer, not even a tinted moisturizer. The green does not work on my fair skin because the base completely disappeared, maybe I should just try violet next time or just use a clear primer which can make my makeup last longer.

iWhite Heating Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

The heat is on this summer!

     On my face too. I already tried using iWhite Face Care System before (i don't know the exact names-- the coffee polish scrub, heating pumpkin mask, rose petal wine mask and seaweed gel) I loved the set but forgot about it later on. I rediscovered the products yesterday when I saw a BUY 1 TAKE 1 sign attached on some iWhite products. Most of their products cost P30 for each sachet and now, you can get two sachets for the price of one. I bought the heating mask because I am badly in need of a facial but I don't have enough money right now, and I do not have any masks at home.

Description on package:
Heating Pumpkin Enzyme Mask delivers pumpkin's nourishing benefits into the skin through heating process to improve blood circulation that revives skin to a healthier glow. It also draws out impurities and exfoliates dead skin cells for a vibrant and glowing complexion.

The product is near expiry that's why they were on sale. Anyway, the products are not yet spoiled. No sign of spoilage whatsover.

I say...

-contains 9g good for 2-4 uses depending on how thick you apply the mask

- It goes on creamy like a thick cream applied on your face, you'll immediately feel the heat generating from the mask as you rub it on your skin. 

- The consistency changes too, from creamy, it becomes wet but not drippy. You'll just see the surface of the mask on your skin become wet. The heat feels comfortable but to those of you who can't bear more heat during summer, use this at night.

(Photos taken while the mask was on my face)

The scent is a little sweet but smells really light and yummy. No wonder that pumpkin scent is an aphrodisiac to guys! check the info from

I tried using this on wet and dry skin. While it works both ways, you'll feel the heat more when applied to dry skin. Just clean your face and pat with towel prior to application. Leave on for at least 5-10 minutes until the heat wears off. After washing off the mask, skin feels soft, deeply cleansed and well moisturized. I feel like the heat melted all the trapped sebum in my skin and was rinsed off along with the mask. I followed up with my Pond's Acne Expert Toner because I think it will work better after my pores had been declogged. 

- I don't know about the increased circulation and glow but I really love how my skin feels.

- Overall, I would use and buy this again. Hopefully there'll be another sale. Hehe.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Anti-Pimple Arsenal

Welcome Summer!
Hello to sweat and over active sebaceous glands during the hottest time of the year. I'm having a pimple breakout! All the stress and sleepless nights I had during the final exams week are still haunting me up to now.

That's a summer nightmare!! Summer is all about light makeup and skin baring moments. I can't hide behind concealers and thick powder, my makeup would just slide off and people would see what I've been camouflaging. Eeek.

So I prepared my Anti-pimple arsenal for an all out war with pimples.
Ready? All geared up for a battle:

1. Pond's Clear Solutions Facial Scrub


I received free sachets as samples from malls but I never used it. I don't have bad experience with Pond's but will many bad reviews I read about the facial wash/ cleansers, I was hesitant to try it. When I had a major breakout, a friend who used to have problems with pimples recommended this to me and she swears by it. I saw the huge improvement on her (she uses some more products other than this though) so I used up my free sachets.

- P5 per sachet only
-available in all supermarkets, drugstores
- i like the tiny beads/ scrub
- the fragrance is too strong, might irritate sensitive skin or sensitive nose
- can dry up the skin if used for a prolonged time
- dries up the pimples faster than other facial washes

2. Pond's Acne Expert Toner

(picture from google)

I bought the toner just last week. If I had good results with the cleanser, might as well follow up with the toner right? I needed a strong toner so I switched to this one. I'll go back to my Human Heart Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Toner when my skin turns normal again.

- P77.00 for 100ml (Robinson's Supermarket) available at all supermarkets and drugstores
- heavily scented like the scrub
- too much alcohol content for me, you can smell it
-It works! I used this every day and night after washing my face and my pimple is starting to peel
- totally cleans my face from all residue 
- product label says it has tea tree oil and salicylic acid. I'm not sure about this though, the content is too minimal since salicylic acid is at the middle and  tea tree oil is at the bottom of the ingredient list! That means the amount is just too teeny weeny to take effect since ingredients are supposed to be listed in the order based on its quantity from main ingredient to the one with the smallest amount.

3. Garnier Pure A Anti-Imperfection Moisturizer

(picture from the

I used this moisturizer last year but totally forgot about it when I went organic. I rediscovered this because I need anything with salicylic acid!

- P229 available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores
- I use this when I'm home or at night since this has no SPF 
- light, non greasy but moisturizing
- smells a bit medicinal but the smell goes away almost immediately 
- has salicylic acid and zinc 

( Another often stated benefit of zinc is in the treatment and prevention of acne. Zinc in the form of zinc gluconate or zinc sulfate is thought to help heal acne blemishes, reduce inflammation caused by acne, and reduce androgenic hormonal effects on skin that contribute to acne breakouts or in other words help regulate the skin’s oil gland activity.
Recently, the benefit of zinc in treating acne has been questioned. Zinc oxide, zinc stearate, and zinc sulfide apparently have no established effectiveness in acne treatment as stated by an advisory panel of the United States Food and Drug Administration -

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my Anti-pimple regimen. The best part is that I didn't have to spend much. I use tea tree oil for spot treatment but I ran out of the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil! I am looking for a cheaper alternative. A lot of girls from a forum where I'm frequenting recommend Zen Zest. Unfortunately, it's out of stock in most of the malls I've been to. Who knows, I might not need it anymore.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge and Lip Gloss


     It's been a while since I last posted a review on beauty products. I never stopped trying new ones, just took a while to blog again since I got VERY BUSY in school. Now that it's my summer vacation, I hope I can update my blog as much as possible. 

     To start off with my summer loves, I'll make a review on Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral. This was purchased last year, before all the raves in Girltalk. I actually wanted to try Pale Pink because Allure magazine recommended it but it was not available at Rustan's Makati. Calypso Coral caught my eye. It's a bright coral on the pot, and can look pretty intimidating on the pot since it's just so... BRIGHT! But I was amazed when the SA let me try this. After blending, the color becomes a natural coral. It gives you that innocent girl flush. It makes your skin look alive and summery without screaming, "I am wearing blush!"

The blush is:
- MATTE, no shimmer, no oily/glossy finish

- a little hard to blend, you need to moisturize first

- long wearing

- can be used on the lips since this is for the lips and cheeks, prep with lip balm first or top off with gloss since this is on the dry side.

-P1450, expensive but lasts for a long time. You can hardly see a dent on my pot even though I've used this for quite a number of times

- a dab is all you need! the color is really concentrated

     The SA is very nice, I think he is Dennis (based on the description from Girltalk) He was able to upsell and convince my sister to buy a lip gloss without hard selling. I get turned off with SA's who is too mapilit in selling.The lip gloss in Brown 7 is nice too but I don't see anything special with it.

Lip Gloss
- the shade is nice, very "my-lips-but-better" neutral color

-It weights 4.2ml only 

-P1,100-- You can buy more glosses with that money! 

-It makes your lips smooth and the gloss is long wearing. 

- I like the wand that comes with it, reminds me of nail polish.

This is a really good product but still, with that price, NO I won't repurchase this.