Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Products of the Moment

I love these products right now! Hopefully, they could become my HG beauty staples instead of being just my current faves.

Facial wash- Neutrogena, Pond's Acne solutions (whenever I have breakouts only since this dries my skin out, along with the zit!)

Srcub- St Ives (used this for years, might switch to Human Heart Nature for good after finishing this one since HHN is cheaper but works as well)

Moisturizer- Human Heart Nature Overnight Face Moisturizer

Lipbalm- Nivea Strawberry, Human Heart Nature lipbalm in watermelon

Toner- Eskinol Papaya

Soap- no brand loyalty here! i switch from one brand to another

Body wash- Dove, J&J baby bath

Body Lotion/Oil- Human Heart Nature Body Butter, Neutrogena Body Oil

Sunblock- Neutrogena UV Fairness SPF30

Shampoo- no brand loyalty, right now it's Human heart Nature Strengthening shampoo

Conditioner- no brand loyalty, currently it's Creamsilk

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Liner by Eyestudio

      I am frustrated with my small eyes! I can't get creative with eye makeup looks because they make my eyes look harsh haha. (so Donna create a makeup look for me. LOL!) I tried using an eyelid glue before when I was in high school, but my eyes became unnaturally bigger than it really is. That just doesn't suit me, the glue made my eyes look so fake. Maybe I should watch more videos from youtube and practice.
So I have limited my eye makeup to colored eyeliners for the meantime. I prep my lids with Ellana's powder primer then apply the eyeliner on my lower lash line. I can't also apply eyeliner on my upper lid because I have to apply it on half of my eyelid for it to show up. I want a more natural look. If I apply a thick line everyday, I look like I have a black eye whenever I close my eyes or blink. Enough chitchat. Here's my review for Maybelline Vivid and Smooth Liner.

     It costs P350 each, available at all Maybelline counters in Department stores. It really is smooth and vivid just like what its name says. It has a gel like consistency in pencil form. so it glides easily without tugging the sensitive skin around our eyes. I am not sure how many shades are available but I saw them in blue, black, white, green and violet the last time I checked. I got three: white, green and violet. The three colors have slight shimmer on them, though not glittery. The sparkles are really tiny but white one has a metallic sheen to it. The other two are dark and can pass  off as matte if you apply really thinly. It is long-wearing if I put my primer first. It can last from my afternoon classes until night. Weird, but no eyeliner stays put on my super oily skin around the eyes. I can also get teary eyed in the middle of the day when I feel tired and sleepy. No kidding! Sometimes, it would even seem like I'm crying! So I think this won't last on me if I did not prep my lids with the powder primer first, as with all eyeliners I've tried. My sister tells me this is long wearing. She's one of those lucky girls whose eye makeup never smears even without primer. The only ones that smear on her are those which are of really poor quality, IMO.

 with flash (green, violet, white-- oops, I forgot to sharpen the white one before taking the pic, hence the line is too stubby.) My favorite is the purple one.


 without flash


     I just wish Maybelline would come up with more colors, even lighter ones! That would be fun. So girls, what do you think? Let me know if you have other recommendations...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Product Review: Myra E Vita White Whitening Face Lotion

My sister actually bought this for us both this summer. This costs around P100. We were (still are) looking for a good face whitening products since our face is darker than our necks! Haha. Blame it on commuting. We always use our umbrella but the sun's rays are just too strong. So I have darker face and arms hehe.

Here's my review:
It's fast absorbent and non greasy, more of a water based lotion. Those who have oily skin like me will love this. Unfortunately, some people have a love-hate relationship with its scent. Luckily for me, I don't mind scented products (unless it smells like a grandma's perfume, LOL!). I didn't notice any whitening effect though. I've used this for about two months and that's it. I want faster results! So my sister is just finishing this product. We probably won't repurchase. I can't use this as sunblock too because this has SPF 15 only. Anyone in the Philippines would know that SPF 15 just won't work here especially if you're commuting at 1 in the afternoon, like I do! But if you're just looking for a no-nonsense moisturizer and you don't need intensive moisturizing, this is a pretty decent product for its price.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bye Bye TFS Quick and Clean BB Cream

As I'm at the verge of finishing my The Face Shop Quick and Clean Blemish Balm, I realized that I'm saying goodbye to a product which I've used until the last drop. Have I already mentioned that I am rarely able to finish a tube of a product as I am very fickle with the products I'm using? I change products from time to time without waiting for results. So there, Congratulations to me! Haha I have no brand loyalty whatsover. But despite the BB Cream boom, I've managed to control myself to this 1 tube only. Haha! It lasted me for a year and a half since I don't use this everyday.

Pros Non-oily Smells good-- like fresh green tea (minus the medicinal herbal scent) Ashy when first applied but blends well with my skin tone afterwards

Not a real BB cream! -- no skin improvement after regular use I loved this product as a makeup base only and not as a BB cream. Because, unlike other BB creams, Quick and Clean does not provide for other skin benefits. I am looking for skin improvement! Whitening, smoothening, anti-aging-- all the works and magic of a BB Cream. The benefits of using this product is but temporary. After I've washed my face, my skin is back to normal, even after continuous use.

Well, blame it on my great expectations. I've expected wonders after reading raves of BB cream users. The Face Shop did not disappoint me because Quick and Clean did not misrepresent or claim that it works like all all the BB creams do.

Overall, this is still a good product for me. I did not have breakouts or any skin problems using this.

Can you see the BB cream on my hand? I have not yet blended it here. Anyway, I have to go now. I still have to go to school. I am roadtesting Skinfood Mushroom BB today so I can see if this is a good TFS BB replacement. Ciao!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What keeps me busy? Human Heart!

I decided to use my extra time this sembreak to profit!! Haha. I officially became a reseller of Human Heart Nature just last week and I'm so excited to sell. Actually, I hate selling because of the following reasons:

1. I am not a pushy person

2. I don't exaggerate regarding the benefits of what I sell; I give my honest opinion whether good or bad

3. I don't like to be rejected (or my products!)

But I really love Human Heart Nature products. How did I come across this brand?

Let me first introduce you the brand...

Gawad Kalinga (GK for brevity) founder Tony Meloto's daughter is the president of Human Heart Nature. She started this business to help GK farmers earn by putting their produce to good use other than just plant rice and basic vegetables for a living. Now, the products were formulated in a way that will neither cause harm to the environment nor to the skin because these are ORGANIC and NATURAL.

Human Heart Nature produces the most affordable organic skin care I've ever seen. I read about its good reviews over the internet but I was not able to buy anything because:

1. the only stores they've got is located in MarketMarket! and Trinoma (which are like a million miles away from where I live)

2. I have to pay for shipping fee if I do buy online, which is a hassle since I only wanted to buy 1 or 2 products until I'm sure that my skin will like them.

My sister came home one day with the Royal Jelly and Banana overnight lotion and I loved it! It made my dry skin moist, smooth and velvety!! I went online and saw my opportunities if I put in some effort and investment to selling. Fast forward to present time. I don't mind having to offer my products to customers because I really believe in these products as I use them personally.

I also love the mango body butter, brown rice face scrub, day moisturizer and hand sanitizer. I'm buying and trying more products soon.

The goat's milk body butter feels like a dream. It leaves my skin wonderfully scented with ripe mangoes and the consistency is just right. It is thick but melts on my skin and is fast absorbing.

I had no plans of trying this one because I'm pretty satisfied with my ST. Ives Apricot Scrub. But one of my friends ordered this one from me, saying that there's a lot of positive feedbacks. So I tried this. I like the scent of St. Ives' better, but this one leaves my skin just a teeny-bit slippery like I already moisturized my skin after washing. The granules are gentle. I attribute its lack of fragrance to its variant which is brown rice.

I'll post more feedbacks soon! I hope you follow this blog, girls. Thanks!